Off The Beaten Path

If you want to try unique experiences, we would recommend you visit some places near by Cartagena, for example, going to Turbaco which is a Little  village, from 60 mins far from Cartagena’s downtown. There, you can visit the Guillermo Piñere’s Botanical Garden, which have 2 kms of walking where you will see more tan 300 types of plants. An ideal Place to get in touch with it and if you also like Birdwatching, you can have a very nice experience.

Also, in Turbaco, you can go through the natural wáter streams that normally  appears in this place, visit the Turbaco’s square, the church, and interact with the natives, try the motorcycle’s riding , meanwhile you know the landscapes and culture, where you’ll also find places  where you can practice horse’s riding and know different animals around this rural área.

In other hand if you want to try some typical meal, you better try the crunchy porks with yuca and sour caribbean cream, pork cooked different, that almost all the tourist that have tried, have loved it!

If you like history, we recommend going to Palenque de San Basilio, 50 km far from Cartagena,was named part of the Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, which also was the firt village of being liberated in America, and where  the Kick Boxing fighther, Antonio Cervantes “Kid Pambelé” was born, there you’ll find a lot of African Culture, get to know their languages, dancing, music and a lot of elements that makes this place unforgettable.