Local Food

If you are visitng Cartagena and want to experience the typical cuisine, you cannot leave without first trying the well-known arepa (ground maize dough) with egg that comes in an infinite number of varieties, such as the meat, chicken or shrimp variety; carimañolas (meat-pie in a torpedo shaped yuca fritter) stuffed with meat or cheese; Bean fritters or cassava with suero costeño (cream cheese)

A plethora of sea food, including fish like snapper, grouper, horse mackerel, saw, bocachico, mojarra and toyo. These are the preferred fish of the locals and can be prepared charcoal-grilled, salted, or roasted. The king of seafood dishes is lobster, followed by shrimp and crab legs; often prepared with garlic or wine. Octopus, snail, crab and squid are also essential ingredients in the preparation of delicious Cartagena seafood dishes.

If you want eat lunch like a native, then you’re plate should consist of rice with coconut, fried fish, double-fried discs of green plantain, and a juicy salad with avocado. The drink of choice is panela (a product derived from sugar cane), corozo (an indigenous nut) juice or tamarind juice.

As for international food, people from almost all parts of the world have settled in this city, and as a result they have created a tropical fusion that you will not find anywhere else.