Travel Like a Local

If you’d like to travel around Cartagena de Indias like a local, then there are a few things we recommend you do. For instance, you cannot leave Cartagena without taking a walk along the pedestrian path on top of the walls of the old city at dusk. Next, you should watch the sun set over the Caribbean while you enjoy a tropical cocktail at the Café del Mar, or climb up to the Cerro de la Popa where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city or visit the San Felipe castle to learn a little more about Cartagena's rich history.

At the same time, to be able to have the authentic Cartagena experience, you have to get lost in the streets and among the local people. You have to observe the colonial and colorful architecture of this city, along with its famous walls, where a few hundred years ago Colombian soldiers were fighting for their freedom from their Spanish 'sconquerors. To this day, wherever you go in Cartagena, it is as if the smell of freedom still lingers in the air.

The sparkling waters of the Caribbean and the sweet, sticky humidity of the surrounding air come together to create an addictive first impression that many travelers cannot continue to live without, and as a result choose to live in this great city. The culture and cuisine of Cartagena is different from the rest of Colombia, due to the Americans, Europeans, and South Americans who fell in love with the city and have opened exquisite restaurants and charming little hotels and bars that elevate the Cartagena experience for all who come here. After traveling around like a local, you too may be seduced by the city’s charms and choose to start a new life in Cartagena, or you may go back home and keep the city alive in your memories. Whichever you are, Cartagena welcomes you with open arms and a warm heart.