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Vendor Terms and Conditions 

ULA TRAVEL in Bogotá (Colombia) operates as a platform for Internet lists accessible through the website www.ulatravel.com, related websites, affiliated websites and partners, applications, tools, platforms or other facilities. The application allows tour operators, activity organizers and ticket providers to offer their services among other tourist routes, activities, experiences and other tourist services to customers and / or final travelers and to enter into contracts directly with customers for such services. In addition to Customers, our commercial sub-agents can also access the Platform to reserve Supplier Services.

ULA TRAVEL only provides the web application for suppliers to offer and sell their services directly to customers. And / or Travelers, ULA TRAVEL acts as an authorized commercial agent and designated by the Supplier as a bridge intermediary and facilitator of Purchase and reservation with the Client and / or Traveler, under no circumstances will ULA TRAVEL be considered a party to any agreement by which a Customer purchases Services from the Supplier.

1. Scope of these Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern only the relationship between the Supplier and UlA TRAVEL. The relationship between the Customers and the Supplier is not governed by this Agreement, but by the individual agreement entered into between the Client and the Supplier. The default agreement between Customers and Suppliers is the General Business Terms.

2. Registration of the Provider.

2.1 By registering for the Application, the Provider has the right to offer its Services through the Platform. In the registration process, the Supplier accepts the Conditions. By clicking on the "I accept" button, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the Conditions and that you represent and warrant that the person who enters into this Agreement on behalf of the Supplier is duly authorized and authorized.

2.2 The Supplier must offer and provide its services as an entrepreneur in accordance with the relevant tax regulations of the applicable Value Added Tax Law and the practices and requests of the tax authorities. The Supplier shall enter into the corresponding contract with the Clients in the performance of their professional activity on their own or business behalf.

3. Service provided by ULA TRAVEL

3.1 El proveedor autoriza ULA TRAVEL directamente e indirectamente a través del uso de subagentes, para (i) ofrecer servicios a clientes en nombre del proveedor, (ii) celebrar contratos con clientes y / o Viajeros en nombre y en nombre del proveedor, (iii ) cobrar pagos de Clientes para los Servicios. El proveedor autoriza al proveedor de servicios de pago externo de ULA Travel o cualquier otro autorizado por nosotros para los datos necesarios para permitir la transferencia de fondos hacia y desde instrumentos o cuentas de pago del proveedor, o según se requiera para operar la plataforma .

3.2 ULA TRAVEL facilita la venta de servicios entre Clientes y Proveedores a través de la Aplicación que contribuye a aumentar la buena voluntad del proveedor, promueve los Servicios del Proveedor y, en general, alentar a los Clientes a realizar pedidos con Proveedores.

4. Duties of the Provider

4.1 The Supplier will declare and guarantee that all the information of the offers will be Real, accurate and with no misleading content. The Provider shall update the information uploaded to the platform as soon as necessary to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. The Provider may be held responsible for all claims of Customers based on alleged inaccuracies of the information loaded as shown in the Application, everything related to Services or Prices). To the extent that the Supplier is aware of any inaccuracies in the version in another language of the information registered in the application, the Supplier must inform ULA TRAVEL immediately.

4.2 The Provider declares and guarantees that all Services will only be provided in accordance with all applicable laws, in particular with the laws of the country of residence of the Providers as well as with all applicable laws of the country in which the Services are provided and not violate any rights of third parties in that way. The Supplier guarantees in particular (a) to comply with any consumer protection and other obligations and regulations of protection, information and consultation, and (b) have all administrative and other permissions and licenses, as well as insurance and other necessary in the jurisdiction of the respective country for the fulfillment of contractual obligations and to instruct its service partners in accordance with these terms and conditions accordingly. Upon request, the Provider will provide the respective evidence and documentation, including copies of permits and licenses. In case of alleged breach of the Services provided by the Supplier, the Supplier will cooperate without delay, at its own cost, with any administrative authority or competition / consumer defense association.

4.3 The Supplier declares and guarantees that it will provide the Clients with all the information necessary for the execution of the Service (for example, meeting point and time, clothing, equipment, etc.) well in advance. The provider must verify the emails that appear in the provider's account and constant queries in the ULA TRAVEL platform according to the user and key that will be assigned. The Supplier is responsible for the inclusion of its individual terms and conditions, which go beyond the terms and conditions provided by Ula Travel for the contract between the Client and the Supplier.

4.4 The Supplier declares and guarantees that all the lists used have legal permits and comply with all the necessary legal requirements, including professional qualifications and assignments. The Provider is fully responsible for the conduct of the list with respect to the Customers or other persons who use the Services.

4.5 The Supplier can only offer its own Service through the Platform. The provider may not offer services as an intermediary or agent. However, to the extent that the Supplier acts as an intermediary, it will be treated as a contracting party and will be considered responsible for the respective damages. The provider must be prepared to perform the service offered. It is not allowed to upload simulated services.

4.6 The rates, availability, services and restrictions for your Service, and the obligatory rates that you make available through the Platform, must be equal to or better than those you make available through your own channels or channels of third parties. Customers who book a Service through the Platform will be treated at least as well as Clients who book through their own channel or that of a third party.

4.7 The Supplier must contract a comprehensive general liability insurance that insures all the Services offered through the Platform. It is mandatory to agree on an adequate amount of insurance for the reserve and risk volumes given.

The general liability insurance must be documented electronically and must be loaded into the Provider Account. This includes: name and address of the General Liability Insurance, number of the insurance policy and the sum of the insurance. ULA TRAVEL reserves the right to inspect the insurance policy upon request and require proof of payment of the insurance premium.

4.8 The prices provided by the Supplier through the Supplier's Account for its offers and Services shall include the sales taxes and other applicable national, governmental, provincial, state, municipal or local taxes or charges. It is not legitimate to ask Clients to pay other items, taxes, fees, commissions or other expenses, after the execution of the Service.

4.9 The supplier is obliged to provide customers with an adequate invoice that complies with all applicable tax requirements.

5. Reservation procedure.

5.1 All visitors to the Platform will have the opportunity to view the Services offered without prior registration. If the visitor is interested in a specific Service, they will make a reservation and the Supplier will be duly notified of said requested reservation.

5.2  Reservation processing

Ula understands that the provider when publishing his service with the available hours on the platform accepts that the contract between the Provider and the Clients will come into effect at the moment in which the Traveler makes the reservation.

5.3 Automated reservation processing

With the over-the-counter reservation enabled, the system automatically accepts and confirms reservations. The reservation is based on an inventory administered by the Provider. An automated reservation is made, as long as there are places available in the quota. The Supplier will keep the inventory updated at all times.

5.4 ULA TRAVEL is not responsible for the accuracy and / or completeness of the data related to the Client.

6. The provider's reservation offers

6.1 The Provider will enter the data of the Services in the Provider Account within the ULA TRAVEL platform according to the authorized permissions, The Provider is solely responsible for ensuring that the information provided is always up to date. Revised, canceled or invalid services should be eliminated immediately.

6.2 It should be clear from the description of the Service that the Provider offers the Services on its own behalf and at its own risk. The services must be offered under the brand and the company of general use.

7. Displayed content and intellectual property

7.1 The Provider grants ULA TRAVEL a non-exclusive right and license, free of royalties (or a sub-license as appropriate):

7.2 To use, reproduce, process, distribute, sublicense, exhibit and use (including, among others, publicly perform, modify, adapt, communicate, reproduce, copy, translate and make available to the public in any way) the content provided.

7.3 ULA TRAVEL may sublicense, make available, disclose and offer this content (including relevant intellectual property rights) of the Supplier and all other rights and licenses set forth in this Agreement through or in collaboration with (the websites, applications, platform, tools or other devices of) affiliated companies and / or third parties.

7.4 In no case shall ULA TRAVEL be liable to the Supplier for any act or omission on the part of any third party platform. The sole remedy for the Provider with respect to such third-party platforms is (a) to request ULA TRAVEL (which has the right and not the obligation) to disable and disconnect with such third-party platform, or (b) termination of this Agreement, all in accordance with the terms of these Conditions.

7.5 The Supplier is responsible for any third party claim related to copyright infringement of the content provided to ULA TRAVEL (see also clause 21. Provider Liability and Indemnification).

8. Advertising and marketing

8.1 ULA TRAVEL has the right to promote the Services of the Provider by using the Provider's names in marketing, advertising via email and / or pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

8.2 It is under the exclusive discretion of ULA TRAVEL to advertise the Supplier's offers on the Platform or on third-party websites and on online affiliation networks, which include, among others, classification and promotion.

8.3 The Provider knows the working methods of search engines, such as content filtering and URL classification. ULA TRAVEL accepts that if the Supplier receives and adopts knowledge of the behavior of third-party platforms that infringe the intellectual property rights of the Supplier, the Supplier will notify ULA TRAVEL in writing with the details of the conduct and ULA TRAVEL will use its commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the relevant third party takes the necessary steps to remedy the violation.

8.4 The Supplier agrees not to focus specifically on the ULA TRAVEL brand directly through purchases of keywords that use the ULA TRAVEL intellectual property rights.

8.5 ULA TRAVEL runs online marketing campaigns with its own resources and discretion.

9. Responsibility for the content

9.1 If ULA TRAVEL receives a notification or detects content that does not comply with these Conditions or any other legal provision, ULA TRAVEL may partially or totally eliminate this content provided that the Supplier does not repair the non-compliance of said rules within 48 hours after the notification sent by ULA TRAVEL If the abusive content comes from a Provider, ULA TRAVEL will use its right to block access or delete the Provider Account. ULA TRAVEL will always work for mutual interests and those of its society.

9.2 The Supplier can only upload content and data of which it owns the corresponding rights (copy). This information must not abuse the privacy rights of Clients, third parties, etc. and must comply with applicable competition laws and other legal requirements.

10. Cancelaciones

10.1 Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, the Provider is aware and accepts that Clients have the right to cancel their reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before the reserved date of the Service. (Exception Suppliers Boat and Yacht Rental). If Customers cancel the reserved Services with less than 24 (twenty-four) hours before the date of the Service or within any other term previously agreed between the Parties, or if the person for whom the Service was contracted does not appear on the date of the Service, Clients are obliged to pay the total price of the Service, which is transferred to the Supplier, less the commission.

10.2 In the event that the Supplier cancels a reservation for any reason, it must reimburse the Clients completely, unless otherwise agreed between the Provider and the Client.

10.4 In the event of "force majeure", circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Parties, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, wars, terrorist acts, electricity disruption and strikes, either Party may suspend or terminate this Agreement. In addition, the Provider will allow Customers to return the purchased tickets to obtain a full refund if a force majeure situation occurs, regardless of whether the Provider continues to provide the Services during the affected period of time. ULA TRAVEL will process the refunds and transmit them to the affected Customers. In the event that the Provider cancels the Service due to the occurrence of Force Majeure, it must notify the ULA TRAVEL Customer Service immediately.


11. Customer complaints

Complaints or claims with respect to (Service offered, provided or provided by) the Provider or specific requests made by Customers must be dealt with directly by the Provider since ULA TRAVEL is not responsible and disclaims any liability with respect to such claims by part of the Clients. ..

12. Payments by credit card

12.1 Payment by credit card of the Clients will be charged when due. If a contract can not be concluded through manual reservation processing, the payment will be reversed by credit card.

12.2 ULA TRAVEL is responsible for the collection of payments from Customers through a Payment Service Provider, it is ULA TRAVEL's sole discretion to choose a Payment Service Provider. ULA TRAVEL is not responsible for the payments of the Clients and is not responsible in case of incorrect or incomplete entry of the information of the bank account of the Supplier in the provider's account in the ULA TRAVEL platform

123 In case Clients cancel the payment by credit card before using the reserved Service or the payment is not fulfilled for any other reason, ULA TRAVEL will inform the Supplier immediately.

12.4 If a credit card payment is revoked after the fulfillment of the contract between the Provider and the Customer, ULA TRAVEL will inform the payment service provider about the reasons for the cancellation according to the details of the credit card Bank entity. and will ask the provider to make the relevant observation within 5 (five) business days. ULA TRAVEL process this statement to the organization of the credit card.

12.5 ULA TRAVEL is not obliged to take legal measures of any kind against customers, who do not pay for a certain service or cancellation, or who revoke payment by credit card.

13. Facturación

13.1 ULA TRAVEL asume los honorarios bancarios y de la tarjeta de crédito para los pagos de los clientes a ULA TRAVEL

13.2 Las tarifas de la tarjeta de crédito y de la banca para las transferencias de pagos al proveedor correrán a cargo de la siguiente manera:

  • ULA TRAVEL asume el costo de su propia cuenta bancaria / de tarjeta de crédito

  • El Proveedor  asume el costo de su cuenta  bancaria / de tarjeta de crédito

13.3 El Proveedor será notificado por correo electrónico una vez que se haya confirmado el pago de los Clientes por el Servicio del Proveedor.

13.4 Esta factura es la base de cualquier pago. El Proveedor puede presentar cualquier reclamo con respecto a una (supuesta) inexactitud de la factura y la nota de crédito dentro de un plazo de 30 (treinta) días.

13.5 ULA TRAVEL le pedirá que elija su moneda preferida al cargar su oferta. ULA TRAVEL mostrará su oferta en esta moneda y puede elegir a su discreción mostrar las ofertas del proveedor en estas monedas , así como también agregar un cargo por intercambio de divisas.

13.7 El Monto Transferido por ULA TRAVEL al proveedor refleja la suma de los precios netos de todos los servicios reservados. Sin embargo algunos bancos agregan tarifas para recibir pagos internacionales, Estas tarifas son exclusivamente a cargo de proveedores.

 13.8 ULA TRAVEL está por cualquier motivo sujeto a impuestos o gastos en el país del Proveedor   

  es en relación con sus servicios

14. Impuestos

El Proveedor reconoce que es el único responsable de la exactitud de la información de la tasa impositiva, la identificación de los impuestos aplicables y cualquier cambio en las tasas impositivas ingresadas en la Plataforma. El Proveedor es responsable de informar a las autoridades tributarias relevantes de los impuestos aplicables a cualquier cantidad recibida por el Proveedor en consideración de los Servicios. Si ULA TRAVEL  solicita, al Proveedor este proporcionará prontamente ULA TRAVEL las facturas de impuestos válidas con respecto a cualquier transacción celebrada bajo estas Condiciones, donde los impuestos son imputables según la ley aplicable.

15. Reglas para la comunicación  con los clientes

15.1 El Proveedor no puede en ninguno de los campos de la plataforma del Servicio  ni a través de un mensaje directo privado referir Clientes o subagentes a su propio sitio web externo, un sitio web / plataforma de terceros, o proporcionar información para contactarse fuera del Plataforma.

15.2 El Proveedor está obligado a gestionar todas las consultas de los Clientes, etc. recibidas a través de ULA TRAVEL exclusivamente en la Plataforma. El Proveedor no solicitará directa ni indirectamente a Clientes o subagentes, que se pusieron en contacto a través la plataforma de ULA TRAVEL  que reserven un servicio fuera de la Plataforma. Si los posibles clientes o subagentes, que se pusieron en contacto a través de ULA TRAVEL solicitan que se reserve un servicio fuera de la plataforma, el proveedor lo derivará a la plataforma.

16. Sistema de revisión

Después del cumplimiento de un Servicio, los Clientes tienen la oportunidad de revisar un Servicio reservado a través del sistema de revisión de ULA TRAVEL El objetivo del sistema de revisión es crear comentarios significativos y precisos y los perfiles de los proveedores en términos de rendimiento  y confiabilidad. Estos Perfiles pueden ser vistos por cualquier Cliente en la Plataforma. Todo el contenido proporcionado en este sistema de revisión es exclusivo de ULA TRAVEL. El Proveedor no puede publicar reseñas en su propio sitio o sitios de terceros sin el consentimiento previo por escrito de ULA TRAVEL

17. Protección de datos

El Proveedor acuerda que ha implementado y mantendrá, o establecerá  los procedimientos y controles de seguridad adecuados para evitar la divulgación involuntaria de datos, y el acceso no autorizado o la apropiación indebida de cualquier información personal o información de cualquier Cliente. Ni el Proveedor ni sus afiliados deberán, directa o indirectamente, participar en cualquier comunicación comercial, promocional o similar solicitada o no solicitada con cualquier Cliente que haya reservado a través de la Plataforma sin el consentimiento de dicho Cliente. El Proveedor procesará, almacenará, transmitirá y accederá a cualquier información relacionada con el Cliente que incluya información de pago (incluidos, entre otros, datos de tarjetas de crédito, tarjetas de débito o cuentas bancarias) de conformidad con la legislación aplicable, que incluye, entre otros, las normas de seguridad de datos de la Norma de seguridad de datos de la industria de tarjetas de pago para proteger la información de titulares de tarjetas de crédito y débito aplicable al proveedor, y la Directiva de protección de datos de la UE (y todas las leyes promulgadas en virtud de la misma), en cada caso pueden ser modificadas, actualizadas reemplazado o aumentado. A solicitud de ULA TAVEL, el Proveedor proporcionará evidencia de que ha establecido y mantiene medidas de seguridad técnicas y organizativas que rigen el procesamiento de datos personales de acuerdo con esta sección.

18. Garantías y Representación

Además de cualquier otra representación y garantía hecha por el Proveedor en estas Condiciones, el Proveedor declara y garantiza que: (a) el Proveedor ha autorizado a la persona que celebra estas Condiciones en nombre del Proveedor a tomar tal medida en nombre del Proveedor, (b) este Contrato constituye una obligación válida y vinculante exigible contra el Proveedor de acuerdo con sus términos, (c) el desempeño de las obligaciones del Proveedor bajo estas Condiciones no violará ningún acuerdo u obligación entre el Proveedor y cualquier tercero, (d) ) el desempeño del Proveedor bajo estas Condiciones cumplirá con las Condiciones, (e) el Proveedor posee todas las licencias, permisos,y autorizaciones requeridas para hacer su servicio disponible para reservar a través de la Plataforma y cumplir con las obligaciones del Proveedor bajo estas Condiciones, (d) el Proveedor es el propietario de todos los derechos de propiedad intelectual cargados a través de la Cuenta del Proveedor o autorizados por el propietario de tal derechos para cargar y licenciar dichos derechos a través de la Plataforma.

19. Responsabilidad del Proveedor e Indemnización

La distribución o visualización de la Información del Servicio según lo permitido en este Contrato infringe o se apropia indebidamente de los derechos de propiedad intelectual de un tercero.

El Proveedor acuerda utilizar un abogado razonablemente satisfactorio para  para defender cualquier reclamo indemnizado, y ULA TRAVEL puede participar en la defensa o liquidación de cualquier reclamo en cualquier momento utilizando los abogados seleccionados por ULA TRAVEL El Proveedor también acepta no dar su consentimiento para el ingreso de ningún acuerdo o fallo sin el previo consentimiento por escrito de ULA TRAVEL,. qué ULA TRAVEL,

  20. Limitación de responsabilidades

20.1 ULA TRAVEL no ofrece ninguna representación o garantía con respecto a la Plataforma, sea por  cualquier interrupción temporal o permanente de la operación de la Plataforma.

20.2 ULA TRAVEL  no asume ningún riesgo con respecto al número, frecuencia o tipo de Servicios reservados a través de la Plataforma.

20.3 ULA TRAVEL será responsable de la pérdida de datos solo hasta la cantidad de costos de     recuperación típicos que hubieran surgido si se hubieran tomado medidas de respaldo de datos adecuadas y regulares.

21 Término y terminación

21.1 The Contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

21.2 The Supplier and ULA TRAVEL can dispense with the Contract at any time and without cause. A termination can be done automatically using the appropriate function in the Provider Account.

21.3 If there are specific indications that a Supplier infringes and breaches the legal provisions, the rights of third parties or the Conditions, or if ULA TRAVEL Possesses a legitimate interest, particularly with respect to the protection of Customers or other Suppliers against fraudulent activities, Emitirá to the provider a warning;

  • Remove offers from the provider or other content;
  • Restrict the use of the website by the Provider;
  • Temporarily or permanently exclude (block) the Website Provider;
  • Contest and cancellation of existing reservations on behalf of the Supplier without taking into account the applicable cancellation policies, and reject the offers of the Clients for the execution of a Contract on behalf of the Supplier.

22. Changes or corrections

ULA TRAVEL reserves the right to modify and impose new or additional terms and conditions to this Contract at any time. ULA TRAVEL will notify the Provider of a message to its Supplier Account about any change in this Contract. If the Supplier does not accept such modifications or new or additional terms and conditions, you may terminate this Agreement by notifying ULA TRAVEL in writing. Failure by the Provider of its right to terminate this Contract within 30 (thirty) days after notification of any modification or new or additional terms and conditions of this Agreement shall constitute your acceptance of such changes.


23. Final provision

23.1 No subsidiary agreement has been made. All modifications and amendments to this Agreement will be made in writing to have legal effect.

23.3 The claims of the Supplier resulting from this Contract can not be assigned or transferred to third parties without the prior written approval of ULA TRAVEL

23.4 This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the provisions of Colombian law by virtue of the exclusion of its conflict of laws rules. The place of execution and the legal place for any dispute arising in connection with the services rendered will be Colombia.

Bogotá, Colombia 24 de Marzo de 2018

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