Travel Refound Policy

These terms and conditions govern the policy of ula regarding reimbursement to Traveler ("Reimbursement Policy to the Traveler"), as well as the obligations of the tourist services provider associated with the Reimbursement Policy to the Guest. The Traveler Reimbursement Policy is applied in a complementary way to the Terms of Service of ula ("Terms of ula"). The Traveler Reimbursement Policy is available to travelers who book and pay for a service through the Platform and suffer a setback in the provision of the service (as defined below). Traveler's rights under this Traveler Reimbursement Policy supersede the traveler's cancellation policy.

All terms in capital letters have the same meaning as those established in the Terms of Payment or the Terms of Payment unless otherwise indicated in this Traveler Refund Policy When using the Platform as a traveler or service provider tourist, you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to submit to this Traveler Reimbursement Policy


1. Service mishap

A "Service Mishap" can be any of these assumptions:

The tourist services provider

  • Cancel a reservation shortly before the scheduled start of the reservation.
  • It does not provide the Traveler with a reasonable possibility of accessing the service (eg, it does not provide the necessary equipment or any other element that is indispensable for the development of the service).

The description or illustration of the service in the Advertisement is substantially inaccurate with respect to:

  • the duration of the service.
  • the dates of the reservation.
  • the services or special features indicated in the description of the Announcement are not provided or do not work.
  • the physical location of the service (proximity).

2. Traveler Refound Policy

If you are a Traveler and suffer a setback, we accept, at our discretion, to proceed with one of the following actions: (i) refund the amount paid through the Platform ("Total Cost") depending on the nature of the Mishap of the service suffered, or (ii) put our effort, within reason, in finding and reserving another service for any rights not enjoyed that remain in your reservation and that is reasonably comparable to the service described in your original reservation time and quality from service. All determinations regarding the Traveler Reimbursement Policy, including, but not limited to, the amount of any refund and the comparability of the alternative services, will correspond to the judgment of ula and will be final and binding for the Traveler and Service Provider. tourist.

3. Conditions to claim a Service Mishap

To submit a valid claim for a mishap in the provision of the service and receive the benefits related to your reservation, you will have to meet each of the following conditions:

  • You must be the traveler who booked the service;
  • You must tell us the service mishap in writing or by telephone and provide us with information (including photographs and other evidence) about the service and the circumstances of the service mismatch within 24 hours of the latest time between (i) the start of your reservation or (ii) the moment in which you discover the existence of the service mishap, and must respond to any request we make for additional or cooperative information regarding the Service Mishap;
    it can not have caused directly or indirectly the service mishap (by action, omission or negligence);
  • Unless you tell him that the service mishap can not be corrected, you must have done everything reasonably possible to try to remedy the circumstances of the service mismatch with the travel service provider before filing a claim for a service mishap.

4. Minimum quality levels, responsibilities of the tourist services provider and traveler Refound

4.1 If you are a tourist service provider, you will be responsible for ensuring that the services you advertise on the Platform meet minimum quality standards regarding the provision of the service, correspondence of the description in the Announcement, security, quality and do not present Setbacks of the service for the traveler. During the provision of a service, the Tourist Service Providers must be available or leave a third party available to try, in good faith, to resolve any mishap of the traveler.

4.2 If you are a tourist service provider

and if (i) ula determines that a traveler has suffered a service mishap related to a service you have advertised and (ii) reimburses that traveler (up to the total cost) or offers an alternative service to the traveler, you agree to reimburse fully the amount that he had paid within 30 days from the request of ula. If the Traveler is relocated to an alternative service, you also agree to reimburse the traveler for the reasonable additional costs incurred by him in relocating the traveler. You authorize ula through your payment manager Bp-Technology Inc, to collect any amounts owed to ula by reducing your Payment or otherwise possible in accordance with the Terms of Payment.

4.3 As a tourist service provider, you understand that the rights of the Travelers under this Traveler Reimbursement Policy replace the cancellation policy. If you do not agree with the Service Mishap, you may notify us in writing or by telephone and provide us with the information (including photographs or other evidence) to rebut the claims related to the Service Mishap, provided you have done reasonably possible. in good faith to try to solve the service mishap with the traveler before refuting the claim due to the service mishap.

5. General provisions

5.1 Non-transferability / Absence of guarantee.

This Traveler Reimbursement Policy is not intended to constitute an insurance offer nor does it constitute an insurance or an insurance contract that the traveler has subscribed or can subscribe to, and the traveler has not paid any premium with respect to the Traveler's Refund Policy. You may not assign or transfer the advantages provided to you under this Refund Policy to the traveler.

5.2 Modification or completion

ula reserves the right to modify or terminate this Refund Policy to the traveler, at any time and in its sole discretion. If you modify this Reimbursement Policy to the traveler we will publish the modification in the Platform or we will send you a notice of the modification and will continue to treat all the claims for Service Mishaps that have been made prior to the effective date of the modification. .

5.3 Complete agreement.

This Traveler Reimbursement Policy constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between you and you with respect to the Traveler Reimbursement Policy and supersedes and supersedes any and all prior agreements, written or oral, subscribed between you and you concerning the Travel Policy. Reimbursement to the traveler.

6. Contact with ula.

If you have any questions about the Traveler Refund Policy, you can send us an email.