General Terms and Conditions


Ula Travel offers tourists and travelers lists of suppliers that have in their portfolio tourism and recreational experiences through the Internet platform The providers of these services offer these activities in their own name and under their own responsibility.

1. Acceptance of the terms of use

By visiting Ula Travel you accept Terms and Conditions of Use (Vendor Terms) when you book services on Ula Travel If you do not accept these Terms, stop using the website.

2. Expected use

All users are open to visit the website according to its intended use.

3. Changes in the reservation platform

Ula Travel reserves the right to make changes in content, structure, functions, add new functions or partially or totally suspend existing content and functions temporarily, permanently, or attach selected functions for compliance with certain conditions, at any time without prior notice. You can partially or completely block access to the website.

4.General Business Terms and Experiences Providers

For the reservation of services through the website as well as all the conditions for suppliers that are in a link at the bottom of Page with Suppliers Area

5.Limitations of liability

Ula Travel is interested in maintaining the website updated at all times. But is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information displayed on the website, Ula Travel will not accept liability for damages caused by malicious computer viruses..

6. Copyright

All the content of this Internet platform is protected by copyright. The names, titles, logo, texts, images, designs, etc., can not be copied, modified, transferred or reproduced.

7. Data collection

By visiting the Ula website it captures certain information such as IP address, browser type, etc. this information will be used solely and exclusively for statistical purposes for improvements and Website Feedback

8. Registry

When you register on the website, you are transferring personal data such as names, addresses, birth dates, email address, telephone number, this information will be stored..

9. Use of cookies

Ula Travel uses cookies. Cookies are used by most Internet service providers and allow Ula Travel to recognize your computer when you visit our website again. If you disable cookies on the device you are using, you can still visit our website. It is also possible that certain functions can not be used in the same way or that your visit is not so convenient. - Most times you have the option to delete cookies from your device - If you disable cookies on your device, you can prevent some data about your use of the website from being transmitted to Google.

10. Information with Third Parties

  • When you finish typing the information for a reservation in the Application part of your information will be transmitted to the company, to be able to provide an optimal service and which you reserve.
  • Ula Travel reserves the right to share or transmit information to third parties, authorities, etc., if necessary to avoid claims and demands of all kinds.

11. Use of Data

The Data that arrives at the Website is used to improve its functions and its presentation, design of product pages, as well as for analysis, marketing and consulting purposes.

 11.1 Notification Services: By making your registration online, you agree to allow us to send you our newsletter by email and other communications electronically. You can at any time, unsubscribe from this service through the link included in each message. It also applies after having made the reservation to receive information about it.

12. Changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Ula Travel may change the General Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement at any time. The terms at the time of your visit will always apply.

13. Applicable law

The use of the website is subject exclusively to Colombian legislation.

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